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"You Cant Candycoat Your Own Death" xposted

Suicide is rather a sensitive subject.
it affects those left behind tremendously.
they would wonder why would said person,
that they know do such a selfish act?
desperation. loneliness. for a moment to be finally noticed.
what would i know?
im a survivor.
there was a time when i felt so disconnected to world.
i was alone and on my own entirely for the first time.
my family was too distant or too busy to notice the signs...
and my 21st year was possibly the hardest step into adulthood.
yeah me. i tried to say fuck you to the world and life.
if life at that moment is how it would be for the rest of my existence,
then i did not want it.
i dazed out and then...
i stepped into oncoming traffic
without missing a beat and without holding my breath...
got hit by a sports truck.
flew and slid about 80 feet back.
knocked unconscious for about 20 minutes.

but it failed.

i woke up.
i got away with nothing worse
than serious skin shreds and bruises
that lasted for almost three months.
what i learned...
is that i wasnt meant to die just yet.
that nothing is as bad is it seems.
life had a plan.
and here i am.
alive. happy. living and experiencing
every brand new day.

and with that said
here is a relic, a momento
to those gone passed in anyone's life.

and for those that feel like there's no other way...

customized puzzle beretta.

mixed media on wood.

sending out a powerful message about suicide.

the kanji is a proverb that stands for "Be undaunted in the face of repeated setbacks".

sure life is tough. and we feel so alone at times. and times call for desperate measures. but nothing is ever as bad as it seems cos tomorrow is a brand new day. suicide is not the most glamorous way to go...living a full life with stories and experiences is. "live your life as if you'll die tomorrow, learn everything like youll live forever..."

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